Friday, June 19, 2015


I have been getting ready for this Summer's Comic-Con 2015 , and I have been thinking a lot about the future.

This Comic-Con will be my 10th exhibition at the show.  I started in 2006 in Artist's Alley and a few years later, got lucky and side-stepped into Small Press.  If you don't know, the interesting thing about being a member of the Small Press Exhibitor's community at Comic-Con is that they require to publish something new every year.

So, if I want to continue going to the show as an exhibitor, I have to make something new.

In year's past, this has often been difficult, my visual effects career often getting in the way.  Especially, over the last few years as local visual effects work in Los Angeles has gone from staffed positions that last for years or many months to freelance positions that are anywhere from a few weeks to a day.

My schedule has gotten more chaotic as a result.

But this year, I feel like I've turned a corner.  I have a few long-term projects that will be starting up later this year, and in the meantime, I take what little work I can find.  The great news is that I am beginning to have the time to create and work on some things that will further my career in a new direction, as a writer, as a director, as a creator, as an artist.

The really fun part of this is that I believe this direction is who I have always been and now I'm getting the opportunity to pay attention to that and nurture it.  It feels good.

I've recently completed some of my best work ever as a screenwriter, and I have interest in that project from several producers already.  In the past year, I've written two television pilots; one, a drama and the other, a comedy.  I'm still working on those, but the experience is exciting.

I have just completed a second issue of my comic, "Zombie Bunnies" and I have some interest in that from a publisher already.  The new issue "The Mirror of Jeremy" will debut at Comic-Con on July 8th.
Yesterday, I added my first comic strip to Wireheads in four years!  I plan to do more on a semi-regular basis.  You know, funny thing about that.  While I was doing the strip regularly, I never received any feedback from my readers, and there were thousands of them, often checking everyday.  So, I got discouraged and stopped doing the strip.  I had thought, "Why do this?  It's a lot of effort and no one cares!"

Over the last few years, I have heard (almost never directly still) that people loved the strip and wished it was still around.  I've seen friends recommend the books I've published to their friends because "it was a very good comic."

A little positive encouragement goes a long way with me.  I'm an artist.  I need my audience.  Please let me know once-in-a-while that you care.  I'd love that.

Also, this year, I opened a new Square Store for Cypress Comix, my comic publishing company.  I keep the store stocked and will gladly send anything overnight anywhere in the world.  Be assured Square is a good partner of ours, and we guarantee our stuff for quality and delivery.
I've also gotten back to my roots as an illustrator with several projects and have started documenting some of these things in an online portfolio.  Go there, look around and let me know what you think.  See?  There's that artist encouragement thing again.

So, whaddya know?  A creative re-birth for Jimbo.

Glad to know it.


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Con Weeks

I have attended two conventions for the last seven years, and one of those conventions for the last twenty-seven years.  Yeah, I know that's a long time, but it's always so interesting to geek-out on popular culture and new technology, so, I go.

The long-running Siggraph (SIG-graf) Convention held by the ACM (Association of Computing Machinery) each year in a major city somewheres is the convention that I have been going to since I started my CGI career.  We techies love acronyms (eg. abbreviated stuff), so Siggraph stands for the "Special Interest Group for Computer Graphics."  Bascially, the group that brought you CGI, graphics on the internet, graphics on your computer, video game graphics, graphics on your phone, standards for streaming content, etc.  You know, little stuff that might effect your daily life.

Anyway, Siggraph has always been held somewhere around the third week of July to the first week of August.  Since I started exhibiting at Comic-Con (the comic convention thing-y that happens in San Diego around the third week of July, a few times the two Conventions get me committed back-to-back

This year Comic-Con started on Wednesday, July 17th, and Siggraph started three days later on Saturday, July 20th.  Until I get that Trans-dimensional TimeWarp fixed, I can't be in two places at once, so I finished exhibiting at Comic-Con, then moved onto Siggraph on the following Tuesday (after a day of rest! Yeah, I know.  Slacker!).

But both conventions were inspirational in their own geeky ways.

Siggraph offers new software that I want which makes really cool stuff (including an amazing new 3D printing service called Shapeways which I can't wait to send files to later this year).

Comic-Con has always had amazing networking possibilities, but me being me, never took advantage of them.  That is, until THIS YEAR!! .  I met some great artists (whom I wish to employ soon) and great writers (who took me under their wing and introduced me to interesting people with money).  Yes, there is a God.

Needless to say, my future endeavors to make cool visual effects, animation and great comic stories will be aided in ways too amazing to completely describe here.  Let's just say:  water and  trees are easy, I can make stuff from my CGI world that you can hold in your hand, and down-under is a place to which I will be very familiar shortly.

And, Zombie Bunnies just received a nice review from Tom at  Enjoy!

More to come.

- Jimbo

Monday, March 19, 2012


The little Zombie Bunnies now have a Facebook page. Simply go to Facebook and search for "Zombie Bunnies", or follow this link:, and you can join us, friend us or just check in to see what's happening with all the Zombie Bunnies in the world.

If you already have adopted a Zombie Bunnie, we would love to hear from you, how he or she is getting along and what you have named your Bunnie. Pictures are encouraged!

We just finished another adoption at WonderCon 2012 in Anaheim, CA. There are plenty of pics at the Zombie Bunnie Facebook page and at Jim Hillin's Facebook page, but here's one just for you guys.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Comic-Con 2011

Well, I've been anticipating this moment for a year. When me and my minions would attempt to take over the Comic-Con floor once again. Of course, this year, we've opened the mirror and let the invasion through. Yes, the Zombie Bunnies are coming!

They arrived this afternoon, and I was never sure that they would, but here they are. They look amazing and I owe it all to Kim (since I left their creation in her very capable hands). Come by and exploit their soft fluffiness! They are the cutest, fuzziest and deadliest you're likely to see.
We'll be at Table Q-13 in the Back of Hall B2, Aisle 1500. See you there.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Something's coming...

Wireheads has something new that we are trying to get to Comic-Con 2011. Lots of delays, but it's looking possible right at the moment. Keep your fingers crossed.

Here's a peek...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

L.A. Car Show 2010

Just got back from our annual trek to the L.A. Car Show downtown at the Convention Center next to Nokia Center. Wow! Really cool to see all the new vehicles, new concepts, and hybrid/electric vehicles. Here are some of the things I saw:

Mitsubishi Electric -- 100 mi. range, approx. $20k

With 20% of Chrysler, Fiat is back!

Concept EV from Toyota!

Cool Concept from Nissan, see two below for inside.

Nissan Leaf Electric, 100 mi. range, about $25k

Inside of Nissan Concept, looks like Tron.

Cool looking Nissan Concept

Nissan Concept Convertible.

The original bathtub Porsche

2011 Porsche Boxter, about $45k. Sweet!

Martin... Aston-Martin.

Sweet looking Lotus!

Lotus Esprit, I think. -- around $45k

Hand-built Morgan, nice tootling up to Napa in this!

The Fisker "Kharma" Hybrid, hand-built. $$$$$!

New Hybrid Concept Jaguar -- I hope they make it!

Front 3/4 of the Jag-U-ar.

The Toyata Swagger Mini Van Concept

Kia Electric Concept car stuck back in a corner.

A new Volkswagen that's out next year (2011)

An Infinity Concept Hybrid

A Cadillac Urban Fantasy Vehicle

Another angle on the slice of cheese

2011 Granite Concept Vehicle from GMC

The 60 miles per charge, $41,000 Chevy Volt

This Transformer was giving me a bad time.

Finally, found Mini-land!

Sweet! A convertible John CooperWorks!

The new Mini CountryMan vehicle, Mini-SUV! 35mpg!

Another cool CooperWorks vehicle!

I was happy to see not one, but two Hybrids in the...

BMW exhibit. With a fully electric coming next year.

Not sure why you'd have to remind us it's "Active."

And Mercedes ode to a Fuel Cell. With no infrastructure,

How might fuel cell ever take off?

A beautiful V10 Audi R8, looking bad.

Another angle...

Legendary Big Daddy Roth's Mysterion Dragster!

A little Lizzy Flivver Feuler that I loved.

An entry from Automotive X to get 100mpg!

An electric Bathtub Porsche, about $45k! 120mpc.

And finally, the smart car Batman couldn't live without.

We had a blast seeing everything and watching the crowd when it got slow. Always a great and fun event. Can't wait for next year.