The Misnomer, Zombie Bunnies

Okay, many, many of you have joined my little party here recently, and you might be wondering... Zombie Bunnies?

What? There's been a crossover of the world-ending virus and now forest animals are eager to take a rip at us as well?

You might even ask yourself, “But I look at the imagery, and there's lots of bunnies standing on their hind legs, but I don't see much blood. So, what gives?”

First of all, you're right. Zombie Bunnies is a misnomer, and like many things in history (America – “No, Mr. Columbus, that's isn't India.,” German chocolate cake – made by an American whose last name was “German,” Battle of Bunker Hill was fought on Breed's Hill, etc.) the name stuck at the very beginning of the Zombie Bunnie reveal.

Here's the story...

Janet DeViccio is one of my characters. Years ago, she used to have a tough time getting up early. One day, her boss, decided that 8:00am Production Meetings were the only way to get the work day started.

Would Janet make the early morning meetings?

The Office pool was decidely against it. But, one of her best friends, Lisa, bet a lot of money that she would make it.

Well, Janet did the best she could, and did manage to show up on time, but dressing in a rush, had her underwear on he outside of her clothes.   Embarrassing? Yes.

Lisa won, and as Janet emerged from a stall in after changing in the women's restroom, Lisa was there counting her winnings.

Janet: How did you know I'd make it on time?

Lisa: How long have a known you? You always make a plan and pull it off at the last moment. I WON BIG! I even doubled my winnings if you got here within the last five minutes. You came through!

Janet: I'm so glad everyone thinks to highly of my abilities.

Lisa: You know, you cut it pretty close. Why were you so late any how?

Janet: I woke up with the alarm, but turned it off and fell back to sleep.

Lisa: So, you just overslept?

Janet: No, whenever I sleep in after waking, I always have the nightmares that I remember.

Lisa: Oh, sweetie! That's awful.

Janet (happily): No, it's not. I like my nightmares. They're fun!

In her dream, Janet is surrounded by a bunch of white, stiff walking bunnies with their paws out...

This is the event that started it all. In fact, Janet has discovered on her adventures that she has an unusual ability and shares that ability with her Mom, Edie.

In the story, she is the only person to ever dream her way into the Zombie Bunnies world - simply falling asleep to co-exist in both dimensions at once – sleeping/dreaming here and ghost-like there.

But, what Janet didn't know was the cause of the bunnies Zombie-ness when she first saw them.

The bunnies use portal technology to travel to our world, but what Janet doesn't know is the freezing temperatures inside the portal. Just like diving into an icy river, the portal freezes you up and it takes a while to thaw after the trip; hence, the stiff walking and lack of conversation.

Likely the bunnies were murmering, “Brains, brains, brains” likely because of brain freeze headaches.

With their initial behavior, Janet told her friends that she dreamed of “Zombie Bunnies” and the moniker stuck.