L.A. Car Show 2010

Just got back from our annual trek to the L.A. Car Show downtown at the Convention Center next to Nokia Center. Wow! Really cool to see all the new vehicles, new concepts, and hybrid/electric vehicles. Here are some of the things I saw:

Mitsubishi Electric -- 100 mi. range, approx. $20k

With 20% of Chrysler, Fiat is back!

Concept EV from Toyota!

Cool Concept from Nissan, see two below for inside.

Nissan Leaf Electric, 100 mi. range, about $25k

Inside of Nissan Concept, looks like Tron.

Cool looking Nissan Concept

Nissan Concept Convertible.

The original bathtub Porsche

2011 Porsche Boxter, about $45k. Sweet!

Martin... Aston-Martin.

Sweet looking Lotus!

Lotus Esprit, I think. -- around $45k

Hand-built Morgan, nice tootling up to Napa in this!

The Fisker "Kharma" Hybrid, hand-built. $$$$$!

New Hybrid Concept Jaguar -- I hope they make it!

Front 3/4 of the Jag-U-ar.

The Toyata Swagger Mini Van Concept

Kia Electric Concept car stuck back in a corner.

A new Volkswagen that's out next year (2011)

An Infinity Concept Hybrid

A Cadillac Urban Fantasy Vehicle

Another angle on the slice of cheese

2011 Granite Concept Vehicle from GMC

The 60 miles per charge, $41,000 Chevy Volt

This Transformer was giving me a bad time.

Finally, found Mini-land!

Sweet! A convertible John CooperWorks!

The new Mini CountryMan vehicle, Mini-SUV! 35mpg!

Another cool CooperWorks vehicle!

I was happy to see not one, but two Hybrids in the...

BMW exhibit. With a fully electric coming next year.

Not sure why you'd have to remind us it's "Active."

And Mercedes ode to a Fuel Cell. With no infrastructure,

How might fuel cell ever take off?

A beautiful V10 Audi R8, looking bad.

Another angle...

Legendary Big Daddy Roth's Mysterion Dragster!

A little Lizzy Flivver Feuler that I loved.

An entry from Automotive X to get 100mpg!

An electric Bathtub Porsche, about $45k! 120mpc.

And finally, the smart car Batman couldn't live without.

We had a blast seeing everything and watching the crowd when it got slow. Always a great and fun event. Can't wait for next year.