My Con Weeks

I have attended two conventions for the last seven years, and one of those conventions for the last twenty-seven years.  Yeah, I know that's a long time, but it's always so interesting to geek-out on popular culture and new technology, so, I go.

The long-running Siggraph (SIG-graf) Convention held by the ACM (Association of Computing Machinery) each year in a major city somewheres is the convention that I have been going to since I started my CGI career.  We techies love acronyms (eg. abbreviated stuff), so Siggraph stands for the "Special Interest Group for Computer Graphics."  Bascially, the group that brought you CGI, graphics on the internet, graphics on your computer, video game graphics, graphics on your phone, standards for streaming content, etc.  You know, little stuff that might effect your daily life.

Anyway, Siggraph has always been held somewhere around the third week of July to the first week of August.  Since I started exhibiting at Comic-Con (the comic convention thing-y that happens in San Diego around the third week of July, a few times the two Conventions get me committed back-to-back

This year Comic-Con started on Wednesday, July 17th, and Siggraph started three days later on Saturday, July 20th.  Until I get that Trans-dimensional TimeWarp fixed, I can't be in two places at once, so I finished exhibiting at Comic-Con, then moved onto Siggraph on the following Tuesday (after a day of rest! Yeah, I know.  Slacker!).

But both conventions were inspirational in their own geeky ways.

Siggraph offers new software that I want which makes really cool stuff (including an amazing new 3D printing service called Shapeways which I can't wait to send files to later this year).

Comic-Con has always had amazing networking possibilities, but me being me, never took advantage of them.  That is, until THIS YEAR!! .  I met some great artists (whom I wish to employ soon) and great writers (who took me under their wing and introduced me to interesting people with money).  Yes, there is a God.

Needless to say, my future endeavors to make cool visual effects, animation and great comic stories will be aided in ways too amazing to completely describe here.  Let's just say:  water and  trees are easy, I can make stuff from my CGI world that you can hold in your hand, and down-under is a place to which I will be very familiar shortly.

And, Zombie Bunnies just received a nice review from Tom at  Enjoy!

More to come.

- Jimbo