Comic-Con 2017

Okay, exciting times.  I have a new comic book published and I have a new job, working on a very cool movie that will likely be a classic.  Can't say much about the job just yet because I think they want us to keep things under wraps for a bit (plus, the film will not be released until late next year (2018), but laying that aside, I like working for these people and the gig is cool.

So, with Comic-Con 2017 just four days away, let's talk about the new comic, "Desert Weasels."
This is the fourth issue of the comic book from Cypress Comix about the spin-off characters from our online series called Wire-heads.

Baz (in the illustration above) is out in the desert with his new buddy (and guide), Jeremy, Edie's (Grandma) missing boyfriend.   Anyway, Jeremy and Baz, find themselves on the wrong side of a border dispute and the next thing you know spears are flying their way along with riders mounted on giant flying bunnies chasing them.

I managed to finagle a Zombie Bunnies' review out of D.J. Kirkbride (author of IDW's "Amelia Cole", "The Bigger Bang" and Dark Horse Comics' "Never Ending".

        "Bunnies are the cutest, and zombies are all the rage -- so leave it to mad man
         Jimbo Hillin to combine the two into a delightfully fun and gleefully weird
         comic!  A likeable family dynamic grounds the madcap adventures of zombie
         bunnies lost in our world and secret lands hiding in mirrors."

Thanks, D.J.!

Our booth at Comic-Con 2017 is listed under  You can find us close to the back of Hall B2 in the Small Press Pavilion, table N-15.  Yes, it's confusing to find tables, rather than booths like the rest of the floor, so another way to find us, in Hall B2, follow Aisle 1600 toward the back, you'll find us just past the Peanuts booth.

We will have our usual stock of Comics, Books, Buttons, t-shirts and deals to give you discounts on bundled purchases.  Come on by and visit with Jim, the creator, or the fabulous Zombie Bunnie Crew, and if you can't make it, visit our year-round Cypress Comix store OR say "Howdy!" and Like Us at the Zombie Bunnies' Facebook Page or Zombie Bunnies Instagram.

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All the best!

- Jimbo