Image Movers Digital is Closing

Recently, I would imagine that a lot of us have been hearing from friends. Times are hard and some unimaginable things have occurred. A day or two ago, a friend of mine wrote that he, along with four hundred other plus employees were geing laid off and the company they worked for would be closed. Below is my response.

. . .

Yes, I've been hearing the news for several days now. Sorry that you and so many other fine artist-engineers are at the receiving end of short-sightedness by entertainment powers with greater resources than yourselves.

Just like when Disney Animation dismissed pencil-drawn animation as being passe and laid off so many dedicated workers from their facilities in Paris, Orlando and Burbank a few years back, I believe the day will come when those involved in such decisions will realize their dreaded mistake.

Unfortunately, for many of us, American Public Corporations watch their quarterly profits much more than they pay attention to building their own products in the eyes of the public.

It used to be that closing companies, laying off employees simply meant that a business plan didn't work out. Today, it means more than that. It means that the people running the company not only create poor business plans and should be replaced, but something much worse -- they have lost faith in the work that they create.

And that, is a tragedy that's getting noticed more and more.

The good news is this. We are talented Artist-Engineers. We have vision, faith and hope. We can build something from nothing, and we have an eye for spotting new technology and entertainment trends. Our bosses don't.

Hang in there.